Environmental Portrait Series

Personal projects have always been an integral element in the development of my photography. They are opportunities to practice new compositions, poses, lighting setups and genres. It is a way of exploring colour theory and retouching workflows. Personal projects are what you make them. In the past, I’ve collaborated with a model who wanted to add to their portfolio; testing different poses and outfits around rural Bath. Another fun project is ‘levitation photography’, something I plan to come back to in a future project. In this series, I am leaving studio equipment behind to develop my portfolio of environmental portraits. 

Environmental portraiture covers quite a large remit. Essentially, this style of photography captures subjects within their surroundings to tell a story or to provide a heightened sense of place. Documentary photography, although often candid in approach, may draw on aspects of environmental portraiture. However, this project takes more inspiration from lifestyle and fashion approaches to portraiture; working with the model to produce an image which may be glamourous, powerful, edgy, calming, peaceful, friendly, etc. These emotions are invoked by a combination of personality, clothing, location, lighting, composition and editing. 

I am looking for one or two individuals who wish to collaborate with me on this project. In return for modelling, you will receive digital copies of any images taken during the photo shoot. If you’re interested, please drop me a message via email, Facebook, Instagram or via the Enquiry Contact Form. We can then discuss ideas and schedule a photo shoot. 

This is a summer project which will run during July/August, following government guidelines on social distancing. Again, for more details, get in contact. 

RVS Photography 2020

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