Lockdown Photo Projects

Lockdown is a terrible reality laced with hardship and turmoil. The experience feels like a waiting game. Despite this, our life is not on pause. Every second of every day counts. Staying home offers opportunities to get forgotten things done. That holiday movie I didn’t have time to edit. Those photo projects set aside for some time in the undefinable future. The freestanding handstand I am yet to master. 

With lockdown now entering its eighth week in the UK, I have started to find a new routine. I’ve started baking bread again. Not sourdough anymore. Flour has become a luxury item and I could not sustain the feeding requirements of my short-lived culture. With each loaf of bread, I keep meaning to grab the camera and practice food styling. Alas, no crust or crumb has lasted long enough for this to happen yet. Cookies, scones and trifles have been through my kitchen. Passing morsels; treats. Gone before I think. 

Moreover, I have dusted off the metaphorical dust from my digital reminders list of photo projects. I’ve offered some example titles below should you wish to get started too. Now is as good a time as any. I’ll be posting my images on @rvs.photo Instagram Page. You can use #photo.rvs to share your shots and ideas too!

- Shadow puppets

- A portal

- Dropped from a height

- A colour study

- Ghost stories

- Dreams

- Storytime

- Minimalism

- Routine

- Time

When I started this project, I imagined that I would find a sense of achievement by ticking off each idea once I had completed it. However, I find myself reluctant to cross any of the ideas off. Rather, I have changed my perspective. This is a board of inspiration and a resource. Each title could lead to an infinite number of ideas. One photograph cannot do this justice. 

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