1. Which Album?

    2022-10-16 09:17:08 UTC
    The online gallery gives you the option to add images to a cart. Beneath each image is a shopping trolley icon. Clicking this opens a window where you will see ‘packages’ and  ‘items’. Choosing ‘items’ gives you options to select sizes for print products, including fine art prints, canvas prints…

  2. Happiest Smiles

    2022-08-03 10:32:54 UTC
    The joy of candid moments like these is the ability to capture truly original and genuine emotions. As you scroll through this gallery of some of the happiest smiles I’ve captured, think of a few words or feelings that come to mind for each moment. Is it excitement and a…

  3. Lambing Season

    2022-04-30 20:01:00 UTC
    A collection of lovely little lambs, some nestled up to their mum others sweetly skipping and dancing through the grass; all with curly cosy coats and many with pink pointy ears.

  4. Birds of Britain

    2021-10-31 11:54:43 UTC
    Common Buzzard Eurasian Blackcap Common Chaffinch Eurasian Skylark Greylag Geese Pied Oystercatcher European Herring Gull Black-headed Gull European Shag I have set myself a personal challenge to photograph all of the Birds of Britain. This is a journey which is going to take me lifetime but it is a opportunity…

  5. Charity Face Mask Photoshoot

    2020-10-31 11:52:00 UTC
    I’ve just finished a portrait series with the Paul Hodges Trust, a charity which provides grants to small charities working to tackle poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa, to showcase their range of beautiful, ethically produced, African fabric face masks, which are available to purchase on Etsy. The photoshoot benefitted from the…

  6. Scotland Staycation

    2020-08-14 07:32:01 UTC
    Scotland Staycations The brackish estuary of the Eas Nan Ceardach burn, is a heaven for wildlife. Geese fly audibly in v formation overhead, their chorus carrying on the morning breeze. The call of a heron and a pair of crows joins the symphony. Golden light calls from the hills with…

  7. Fitness Photography

    2020-07-20 12:09:57 UTC
    Fitness Photography Case Study: CR_MVMNT Personal Training.  Today’s photoshoot starts bright and early. I am in Clarence Park, St. Albans. Partial sunshine is forecast. With the sun behind me, some cloud will help to reduce hotspots. Nevertheless, it is a warm morning with highs of 26 centigrade expected. Although I…

  8. Environmental Portrait Series

    2020-06-16 17:27:49 UTC
    Personal projects have always been an integral element in the development of my photography. They are opportunities to practice new compositions, poses, lighting setups and genres. It is a way of exploring colour theory and retouching workflows. Personal projects are what you make them. In the past, I’ve collaborated with…

  9. Post-wedding Photoshoots

    2020-05-31 11:15:34 UTC
    Post-Wedding Photoshoots are highly flexible. Some couples choose to have their photoshoot in the morning after their big day. This allows them to capture some more relaxed images in their wedding attire whilst taking full advantage of the venue and surrounding scenery. The image set above features just this; the…

  10. Lockdown Photo Projects

    2020-05-10 20:26:00 UTC
    Lockdown is a terrible reality laced with hardship and turmoil. The experience feels like a waiting game. Despite this, our life is not on pause. Every second of every day counts. Staying home offers opportunities to get forgotten things done. That holiday movie I didn’t have time to edit. Those…

  11. FAQs

    2019-08-25 12:48:00 UTC
    What am I allowed to do with the digital files from my photoshoot Your digital files come with a personal use print release which allows you to use your images for an unlimited time period with unlimited usage, except under any conditions which breach the copyright which is owned by…

  12. What to expect

    2019-08-24 20:25:00 UTC
    After an initial enquiry into wedding photography, I like to meet in person at a location of your choice to find out a little more about you both; how you met and to discuss what you’re looking for in your wedding photographer. During this meeting, we go over different packages…

  13. Barbados 2019

    2019-06-27 17:16:00 UTC

  14. Grenada 2019

    2019-06-27 17:14:00 UTC

  15. School Prom Photography

    2019-06-27 17:10:00 UTC
    Over the past three years, I have developed a beautiful collection of individual and group portraits from various school proms. Each venue has offered a range of scenic backdrops. The shot above demonstrates the preview gallery offered to clients after the event. 

  16. Costa Rica

    2019-03-24 09:01:00 UTC
    The images which accompany this post represent my short but wonderful time in Costa-Rica. All observations noted here are that alone, informed by the geography and population of the area.  Easter 2018. We (my family and I) arrive in San José during Easter celebrations. Whilst many businesses and city attractions…

  17. Exploring food and product photography

    2018-12-30 15:39:00 UTC
    Excellent food photography envokes emotions; nostalgia, hunger. My photographs make the ingredients the star, whether an artisan product or a freshly in-season vegetable.  Photographs of food also document events and recall memories. These span from regular items such as birthdays, holidays and seasons to more personal ones. 

  18. India 2018 - The Palace on Wheels

    2018-04-16 19:58:00 UTC
    Early April 2018 has been earmarked for the past year in readiness for our family holiday to the state of Rajasthan, India. Whilst I've been to Himachal Pradesh in Northern India in the past, this trip to Rajasthan promises something special; a voyage on the Palace on Wheels. The Palace…

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